So here is brief little thing and I’m sure everyone has heard about it… unless of course you live in a shell, which I do know some people, not literally, but that’s not the point

So facebook has redesigned itself… again… it sucks… I am so damn confused… and I’m not tech-illiterate, I know 1337, I easily understand Mac & PC, never use a manual and figure things out easily, I don’t know many people who ue manuals, but the point is, I’m not tech-illiterate, I learn things easy, Math, languages (Chinese, German, Japanese, etc.) You name it, I can learn it. But this…. this has gotten me so confused… I wanted to write on someone’s wall right? Pretty basic simple thing, and I’ll go to one friend and be able to post on the wall, but not on the other friends… they’re both good friends so I know for a fact the person wouldn’t block me from doing this, not that she’d even be able to figure this out, I can’t tell what’s going on. The “What’s on your mind?” Thing… what’s that about? Really. Apparently it doesn’t tell you what’s actually being posted it looks like what you type is what you get, and you would think so, right? No so apparently. So if you answer what’s on your mind with “Homework” It comes out as John Smith Homework. Okay, even if your English isn’t good, that just doesn’t make sense. There are so many ways to interpret it. Why did they have to re-invent that stupid thing AGAIN!! It was perfect last time, when you actually knew what was being posted. Also I have this “River of What the Fuck I Don’t Give a Damn About You” page. THat would be when you log in and you see a bunch of stupid stuff that people you don’t even like posted. Who cares about stupid Cavalry Bears or LOLCatz, I mean, sure the LOLCats was cute… like 5 years ago, but really, I’ve gotten over it and just because you haven’t doesn’t mean I need to read your obscene versions of them. Nor do I need to read the last 50 status updates from some indecisive person that I only friended because I was being nice. This is where being nice bites you in the ass, note to self: Don’t be nice. I didn’t mind before because I would just go to “Don’t recieve stories about this person” and I was off to a good day not caring about them correcting their typos every 2 seconds. Not to mention she’s friends with this other person and they have the longest conversations on the status updates and it’s so annoying, because I had blocked that person too. T_ T I hate it. I voted when it first came out and it was like

Do you like the new interface

Yes: 70,000

No: 1,000,000

By now the numbers have increased, but still, really?

So obviously it’s not just me, and I’m one of the last people to write a complaint about it, here are just some of the article titles I’ve seen
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I got the links from a facebook note here
The new Facebook is broken. I can prove it.
Pretty much it’s talking about how it’s not “Facebook users hate change” Which is what I’m hearing from people complaining about the people complaining about facebook, if that made any sense. They say “every time they change everyone is in an uproar and hates it, then they change it again and people are like WTF the last one was way better”. Something tells me that Facebook makes all the wrong changes, because it’s technology and I actually adore change when it comes to the internet and websites and what not… but only if it makes sense. There’s no point in changing something to make it more confusing if it doesn’t drastically make things more efficient. I’ve heard complaints about lagging, there’s less privacy, they’ve take away so many features and there is so much confusion about what actually gets posted (such a the status thing I mentioned above) and it’s ridiculous. Change is only good if the change is there for a reason. Now I’ve read another wordpress blog about this why it’s a smart move. And in some ways I understand, but at the same time it’s like… if they stop people from going on facebook then they don’t make any money, in fact they’re actually losing money because they’re losing potential customers (And It’s not about paying for the facebook itself, it’s talking about how facebook could make money off of Ads that target the people on the website and it points out some good points of course not taking on the fact that if they lose their fans they lose their customers making them not have anyone to sell to so the advertisers wont come) M response was, even if this was a good move, why should I care that facebook is making money? I’m not getting any of it, and I know it sounds snobbish and what not, but let’s face it, we’re making a convenience sacrifice for the sake of a company getting money, meanwhile we’re not getting any of it. Especially if they do end up making facebook a “paid” site, which it ridiculous. I say this because if facebook starts charging they’ll find other resources and ways that don’t cost money. Because it’s called E-mail. which is free. And the Phone. It’s as simple as that. You need to talk to someone, call them, text them, send an e-mail, whatever, Facebook is a luxury, but if it has to be paid for, well someone else will be there with a free social networking site. It’s as simple as that because this is popular, there are so many social networking sites other than Facebook and MySpace that people don’t know of. I mean sure MySpace and Facebook are popular in the US, but what about other countries, there’s a site that’s popular there, and since many of them support multiple languages it’s as simple as saying “Hey I found this site, but it’s FREE!” Really. That is how it works. Don’t want to pay to read a book? The local library. Want to learn something new? Expert Village, learn it online FREE. I’m not feeling well… Web MD. A new song? I don’t want to buy it or listening to the radio version before I know if I like it or not… Youtube!! Which I really like, because it’s not stealing the music because you can’t take it with you places (which is the reason for CDs and Mp3s and what not because most people don’t carry computers with internet access and access to youtube everywhere and sometimes you just shouldn’t… anyway…) The iTunes previews really screw withthe view of the song, I thought I was gonna really hate this one BoA song on her new album, I love it, I heard the whole thing on YouTube and it’s one of my favorites… no, I am serious.
Anyway… It’s surprising that any of us leave our house. The point which I probably lost a long time ago is that if we want something, we’ll find it. Cheaper if not free. Because with this… *cough* Wonderful *cough* economy we’re all forced to push ourselves to the limit and look in places we’ve never looked before to find a deal and this facebook crap, well, if it keeps this up, I’m gonna find something better. I’ve already cut my time in there, well, it’s down to barely a minute, log on… nothing, log out… or rather.. I don’t know if something’s up since it’s so damn confusing, anyway, that’s my rant…
I also want to thank Scobleizer for allowing my comment on their blog (since I’m looking back on it and find it a bit rude, it’s nothing against them, it’s just the fact that we, well, I, for one don’t care if Facebook makes money or not I just hate the change) Their post is “Why Facebook has never listened and why it definitely won’t start now

This was going to be a short post… but I guess not? Haha.

Anyway, people have said people who just joined facebook right before this change are probably really confuesd, mostly because the people that have been using it a while are confused… it’s… annoying to say the least. Anyway, if I wanted Twitter… I would’ve gone on Twitter, I tried it, hated it and that’s why I don’t like this look, that’s why it’s a “Twitter” look, because its Twitter’s look and it shouldn’t be facebook, if we wanted twitter we’d be on twitter…

Yay for the posting rampage :D  a nice change from all of the translations I’m sure :D

Update: The Current ” Do you like the new Layout ” is…

Yes: 79,405

No: 1,222,410